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Where you can advertise with Google Adwords

Where You Can Advertise With Google Adwords

Where you can advertise with Google Adwords

Google Adwords Ad Impressions
There are many different places where you can display your ads. Advertising across different channels, mediums, and devices depending on your marketing strategy. Here is a short list of where your ads can appear:

  1. On Google Search Sites
    1. Google Search (
    2. Google Play
    3. Google Sdata:text/mce-internal,content,
    4. Google Maps (including the Maps app)
  2. Google Search Partners
    1. Withing search results on Google search partner websites
    2. Non Google websites
    3. Google Video
  3. Google Display Network (text, image, and video ads)
    1. Google Finance
    2. Gmail
    3. Blogger
    4. YouTube
    5. Mobile Sites
    6. Apps
  4. Target locations or specific languages
    1. Zip codes
    2. Counties
    3. Cities
    4. States
    5. Country
    6. Radius
    7. Individual or multiple languages

Click here for more information on where your ads can appear.

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