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How Effective Is Digital Advertising?

Our proven system is the most efficient process for you to reach, engage and convert consumers. A successful advertising strategy has a simple goal. Make you more money. The first step we take to deliver more profit for you is research.

Did you know that reading your competitors reviews can provide you with insight? Review research part of the process we use to optimize your ad campaigns and deliver results. Review research works in two ways.

First, a consumer will talk about all the right things they are looking for from your product or service.

Second, a user will talk about everything they don’t like about a product or service. This is an incredible insight into how to draft ads and landing page copy.

Your offer will automatically stand out because you give the reader everything they need to make a decision without further research.

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Digital Ad Types and Uses

For many companies, PPC ads make up almost all their marketing budget. Actually, according to an Entertaining Advertising Institution review, in 2014, search ads included $9.1 billion dollars, or 39%, of the comprehensive internet ad income.


PPC ads are versatile, incredibly noticeable, and most of all, efficient for many different kinds of companies. The advertisements are great because they appear when a person is buying particular keyword and key phrase or phrase.

As an example, you can see the PPC ads that appear for the keywords “where to buy a silverware.”

You can see the personal ads on the top, and the bottom part of the Search engines look for motor engine outcomes.

With pay-per-click (PPC) search ads, your ad placed as a “sponsored result” on the top or part of your look for motor outcomes, and you pay for each obtained just click.

You can customize your PPC ads to appear when particular keywords are joined, developing incredibly focused ads.


Display ads are visible ads placed on some online press. Show ads come in an extensive range of types such as written text, pictures, video, display, and more.

Aside from PPC, for promoters, marketing ad campaigns is another enormous part of the marketing pie. The great aspect about display ads is their diversity!

You can use any press to get your concept across to your viewers. And you can focus on your viewers across several gadgets and programs.

You can choose individual sites for your marketing ads to shown, or you can make marketing ads as a portion of a retargeting campaign—more on that later in the information.

But for your referrals, a retargeting ad strategy paths your website guests and provides them your ads on several programs using a simple JavaScript rule or a cookie that placed on the viewer’s web browser.

On each web page, your marketing ads shown in some positions—the most popular roles being at the top and on the right-hand side of a web page.

Digital Advertising Works 24/7/365

People are watching less television and turning to their computers for his or her favorite exhibits, music, and to entry their information.

As entrepreneurs, being efficient requires staying in the entrance of your clients; as it seems, your clients are on-line, so you ought to be too, and sooner than later!

Shifting your advertising on-line gives you access to global viewers, should you so want, and it means your advertisements work for you 24 hours a day. The options are practically limitless.

With the increased use of smartphones, digital promoting has spread to the mobile platform. Corporations are spending tens of millions of dollars trying to find an option to advertise on telephones without creating an unpleasant or disruptive expertise.

Thus far, the preferred way to take action has been via natural promoting methods

Digital Advertising on Smartphones

Due to the increase in the sophistication of smartphones, digital promoting has spread to the mobile platform. Mobile advertising is nothing new, what is new is the use of smartphones for searches is starting to exceed computers.

Corporations are spending tens of millions of dollars trying to find an option to advertise on telephones without creating an unpleasant or disruptive experience. Thus far, the preferred way to take action has been via natural promoting methods.

Digital Advertising on Social Media

Facebook’s video ads, are currently in early of their growth cycle, have tremendous potential for advertisers. Facebook has larger viewers than YouTube at 1.5 billion monthly active users.

Facebook can push video to users whereas customers would typically visit YouTube to watch videos. With 4 billion views every day and growing quickly, Facebook will soon reach the limit of ads per user. This will cause increased rates and cost per clicks.

Now is the time for Facebook Video Ads

Facebook’s video spread is truly unprecedented, and new advertisers and publishers are just beginning to comprehend the power of the platform.The definitive guide to digital advertising

YouTube has been a key driver of growth for Google as its traditional business of search promoting matures. Google’s net advert income worldwide from YouTube was $58 billion final 12 months, in keeping with New York-based firm eMarketer. It is anticipated to hit $7 billion in 2017, according to a forecast by eMarketer made earlier than the current controversy.


Advertising produces the best results when you display your ads everywhere your potential customers are. Your customers invest time on social press, and by marketing on these programs in an engaging and relevant way, you can continue to develop your clients cross-channel.

Through social marketing, you can target the right customers and deliver your concept on the programs that their clients invest time on—like Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram—to name a few.

Social marketing is big for promoters. In fact, according to Adweek, proponents anticipate increasing their social press ad invest by 70% in the next year.

And which systems do your colleagues use? Socialbakers did a majority of folks and discovered that promoters are looking towards Facebook or Myspace as their main advertising platform—92% of developers interviewed use Facebook or myspace as their primary social marketing system.

CASE STUDY: Local Business

Dr. Liott (Chiropractor)

From 3 New Patients a month to 52

“Sunbay Marketing has transformed my business.”

CASE STUDY: Online Business

ASAP Warranty

Reduced ad spend by 35%
Lead Cost from $65 to $38
Increased Revenue by 17%

“Never would I ever think these results were even possible.”

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