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For over 15 years Sunbay Marketing has provided highly profitable digital marketing services

Our process inspires consumers to take action, help elevate your brand, and dominate the competition.

Your customers expect to have the same experience on with a computer, mobile device, in-store, on your website, on your e-commerce store, and in your brick-and-mortar locations.

In any industry regardless if you are a franchise, organization or small operation, we can help.

Social media marketing case study

SEO & website optimization case study.

Casa Del Mar Beach Resort

Here is one case study for a beach resort on Longboat Key, Florida.

Our approach was simple:

  1. Audit the previous years Google Analytics to opportunities for improvement
  2. Find where customers were falling off in the checkout process
  3. Analyze traffic patterns to see what was converting and what was not
  4. Audit their competitors to find what they do better

We developed a plan to optimize the customer experience to match how the customer uses the website and social platforms.

Our efforts generated the most revenue and profit ever in the history of the resort.

You can see the improvement below from the Google Analytics screenshot.

Our revenue vs previous agency

We increased revenue by 229.75% over the previous marketing agency. The conversion rate increased by 78.12% which increased the number of transactions by 174.36%.

Even better, we were successful without increasing or decreasing the the cost per room. In other words, we didn’t discount our way to success.

Furthermore, there was no increase in marketing costs. We optimized their website traffic (Conversion Rate Optimization – CRO) to meet the needs of the end user.

As you can see below, the most important metrics Google analyzes increased. The bounce rate dropped by 25.82%. The exit rate decreased by 14.07% and the Average Time on Page increased by 23.88%.

Casa Del Mar Resort Marketing Page View Comparison

With a better keyword focus and interlinking strategy, we increased page views, time on page. We also reduced bounce and exit rate percentages because consumers were able to find what they were looking for and spent more time on important website pages.

But wait, it gets even better. Now that we understood how marketing effected the customers decisions, we could focus on reducing marketing costs.

Most profitable marketing campaign in resort history.

We know we know. This is just a few case studies. The truth is every client we work with generates better results than before.

Most big companies do not want agencies to talk about their results or profitability. We had to get special permission to use the current case study.

As a matter of fact, we offer NDA’s and non-competes with all our clients.

In other words, we won’t work with anyone of your competitors while we are under contract with you.

Furthermore, we won’t work with a company if we cannot produce results! That is why we are very selective with what businesses we chose to work with.

Here are a few of the companies we have recently helped.

Wren + Glory
Glazer Childrens Museum
BleachSafe Logo

Casa Del Mar Beach Resort
Liott Back & Neck Care Center
SeattleNTC Logo
Habitat For Humanity Hernando County

Bows And Arrows Boutique
NAMI Hernando

The testimonials are incredible.

During our first consultation, Sunbay presented the potential profit we could expect. We laughed… didn’t think it was possible. We are not laughing anymore. 

Ryan davis, business hype media

Sunbay Marketing generated $125k increase in profit in the first month off organic traffic.  Simply amazing!

Kasandra Kuhn, Simply Standard ecommerce

Sunbay Marketing has transformed my business!

dr. Charlie Liott

Another record breaking year!

Mark, Casa Del Mar Beach Resort

How to grow your business today.

In all fairness, none of this matters if we cannot do the same for you. And, if you would like to see whats possible for your business, we need to have a quick discussion.

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This is just a simple form so we have a basic understanding of your business. This is also how we will schedule a short 30-minute conversation with a growth expert.

Rest assured, we will not add you to a sales funnel and send you a bunch of emails or calls. The only communication you will receive from us is a confirmation email with appointment times, and then the conference call information.

During the conference call we will listen to what you are currently doing to grow your business. And find out what your goals are.

Next will typically ask for some historical information, any marketing services you are currently uses, analytics and a the names of a few of your competitors.

Then we will research your industry, business practices, and audit your competitors.

Finally, we will present our plan to you. Along with specific steps we would take to help you achieve your goals.

Best case scenario, we help you dominate your competitors and use your company as our next case study.

Worst case scenario, you walk away with some great advice on how to get more revenue, traffic, or sales.


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