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About Sunbay Marketing

Established in 2004, Sunbay Marketing was founded by Jason George because he noticed a huge gap in online marketing. Jason started with online marketing in 2001, when he worked for another agency. The client base was strictly Fortune 500 companies. At the end of every contract, the clients would leave. From his point of view, the advertising agency would focus on winning awards and growing their brand instead on profitable campaigns.

Jason had no choice but to branch out. His focus was on the Overture Ad Distribution Network (GoTo). Soon after he found Google Adwords (now Google Ads) and became a Google Partner. Eventually, he met Darin and Scott who worked in marketing analytics with a focus on conversion optimization and consumer psychology.

A quick introduction turned into an hours-long conversation about the state of marketing. They decided to join together and focus only on clients where we could actually provide value.

Empowering business through successful digital marketing.

We offer digital marketing that produces results. Sunbay Marketing is a Google Premier Partner with a reputation for developing cost-effective and highly profitable online marketing campaigns.

People are bombarded with ads and discounts and free offers. So how do you stand out in today’s upside down world? 

It begins with uplifting messages, delivery with a purpose and going beyond expectations. It matters how you present yourself, it matters when you present yourself, and it matters where you present yourself. 

Let’s get in touch

People are searching for your product or service. Will they find you or your competition?

We average 32% increase over previous agencies. Our strategy will attract and convert more visitors.

& What you will get:

Discuss Where You Are And Where You Want To Be

We Complete A Marketing Audit To Find Opportunities

We Present Our Solution To You With Actionable Items

Let’s Convert Your Idea into Reality

We offer custom marketing services to achieve your business goals. Our first step is to listen and understand your needs and wants, to develop a plan to achieve marketing success!