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Advanced SEO Audit For Better Search Engine Ranking

Discover how the search engines see your website. We will provide a full on-page and back-link SEO audit with actionable items. We are SEO experts, however we put everything in the simplest terms possible. 

SEO Questions

What is On-Page Search Engine Optimization?

On-page optimization are the SEO elements on your website and server. On-page optimizations are the easiest elements to modify, yet can be very time consuming to develop correctly. Often times web developers will forgo important optimizations. This leaves the website owner at a disadvantage over competitors who have applied the proper developments to their website(s).

How important is On-Page Search Engine Optimization?

Google uses over 200 Ranking Factors in their algorithm. On-page SEO is important, however, we have found most SEO companies put too much emphasis on some of the elements. This can often misguide a website owner to think that if they just fix the website elements, they will have more visitors. Often times you can receive more website visitors from a strong link building strategy.

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What is Off-Page Search Engine Optimization?

Off-page SEO are the mentions from other online entities, back links pointing to your domain, citations, and social media presence you have online. Website mentions would include someone in a blog mentioning your product/service and company name. A back link would be the directions to your website. The online citations would include name, address, phone number (NAP) data found in online directory services. Finally, your social media presence includes how many people share your information online.

What is Link Building?

Link building is the act of having other websites point to your website at either the domain level or on a webpage somewhere. There are many different ways to build links. Additionally, the goal of link building shouldn’t be to build as many links as possible. Instead, the goal of link building should be to increase traffic to either your website, or specific pages in your website.

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What is Content Development?

Content development refers to authoring content on your website or blog. This process includes lots of coffee, late nights, a passion for language, and a deeper understanding of how people relate to things. Additionally, content development includes keyword strategy and an ability to write content people want to share.

What is Local SEO?

Local optimization is how your business is seen in your local community. It is important that you take an active roll in your community, even if you are a national or global brand. Citations are important, free citation scan here, as well as reviews, social, NAP data (name, address, phone) on site and other locations, and even back links and mentions from  local networks.

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