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People are searching. Will they find you or your competition?

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Digital Advertising
Digital Advertising, or internet advertising, is the placement of ads anywhere on the internet. Take number one spot on the search engines through paid advertising techniques, develop focused ad placement on social media, or display your message on any blog or website. Our digital advertising service offers intelligent bidding partnered with explosive ads and memorable landing pages will produce low-cost results.

Conversion Optimization
Once you have a consumers attention, the focus is on value-driven conversion. Our conversion optimization strategies help you provide a customer-focused website, developed using the best practices, offering users what they want when they want it, and an exceptional experience will yield highly profitable results.

Email Automation
Once you convert some interest for your product or service, you will want to provide exceptional value and information to your potential new client. This is where our email automation services (sales funnels) will help you. Email marketing or email automation, an element in any growth hacking strategy. The goal of email automation is to develop sales funnels, to increase the value of each visitor.

Money is a consequence of delivering value


The perceived value of what you are offering should exceed what is required to receive it. It’s this perception of value that promotes a transaction. Your presentation should encourage a transition from hesitation to curiosity. Once a customer, you should reinforce the relationship and continue to exceed expectations. This will convert a customer to an advocate for your brand. This is what Sunbay Marketing can help you do!

Sunbay Marketing is a Google Premier Partner and takes pride in our approach to over deliver. We are marketing experts. We started our journey in 2001. We have worked with over 2000 different companies.

We offer custom marketing services to achieve your goals. Anything from audit and analysis to discovering opportunities in your current process to maximize returns. We can deliver new customers or develop your brand from the ground up. Our first step is to listen and find out just what exactly you’ve been doing that works and what doesn’t.

30-Minute Consultation

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Reach the right customer
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2018 Case Studies

When you work with Sunbay Marketing, we produce marketing campaigns specific to your companies goals.

The most common conversations we have with businesses is about finding more customers. The first step before you put a lot of money into advertising is to make sure your current system works. This includes phone calls, website visitors, or physical location visits. Tracking is an essential function of a successful business. Once you have integrated tracking systems in place you can begin to develop the sales cycle roadmap your new customers will take.

Every step along the funnel is an opportunity to express value to the end user. Even your thank you page should provide some sort of gift. The engagement on your website will also drive up your ranking on search engines.

Here are a few of our latest partnerships and the results of our marketing campaigns.

Website Design & Development

A website is your virtual storefront. If your website is cluttered, with not much white space, slow, or makes it difficult for users to find what they are looking for, then you have a bad website. Everything on your website should be thought out and with intent. Everything on your website should provide a purpose for the end user. Making a website ‘pretty’ or ‘modern’ describes the elements of the website. These words do not describe the intended purpose. Right now there is more competition than ever. Your website needs to have a purpose regardless if its eCommerce, informational, product driven, for a service. Think intent of every single page on your website. The days of dropping 300-400 words with a stock photo and a form are over.  

What is the purpose of your website?

Your website is a marketing tool. The website should always provide the user with exactly what they are looking for. A website should also educate the user, provide insights into your service or product, have a clear call to action(s), and have a specific purpose. Each page on your website should be about one thing and one thing only. Your home page can offer a summary of all your website pages. Your homepage acts as a table of content of sorts, however, you should still have a clear actionable goal.

Digital Advertising Platforms

The end users on each of the advertising platforms have a different intent for being there. Additionally, each advertising software has different abilities, tools, segment possibilities and so on. Considering how the users are using the websites, the tools available to pinpoint your marketing efforts, and the goals of your advertising campaigns will dictate which advertising platform to use.

Adwords Logo

Google Adwords has the largest outreach of any platform, however, requires a lot of optimization. The cost per click is typically higher than most platforms. Adwords success depends highly on your experience.


Bing Ads Logo

Bing/Yahoo Ads can often time can provide a lower cost per click than Adwords. The lower CPC can translate into a lower cost per acquisition. The downfall with Bing is its often produces far less traffic than Adwords.


Facebook Logo

One out of every $10 in advertising is spent on Facebook Ads. Currently, we have seen the lowest CPA using Facebook Ads. The downfall with Facebook ads is it typically takes about three months to optimize and traffic is typically slow to start.


Twitter Logo

Twitter will show your ads in both the feed and search content. Unfortunately, often times the ads are placed with no relevance to the search query or the person. For this reason, we recommend Twitter for branding campaigns.


Stumbleupon Logo

StumbleUpon paid discovery provides a very low-cost way to generate traffic to your website. StumbleUpon will place your ad into the feed of people who are interested in your topic. Unfortunately, the traffic is very low amounts.


Linkedin Logo

LinkedIn has three main features. Sponsored InMail, Display Ads, and Dynamic Ads. We like LinkedIn ads when the target is a high salary or high job responsibility candidate. Unfortunately, this comes at a higher CPC.


Pinterest Logo

Pinterest makes it very easy to drive traffic to your website. Additionally, information is easy to share on Pinterest. Conversions on Pinterest spend 2.5x more money too. The downside is Pinterest has a very specific audience.


Instragram Logo

Instagram is a simple way to self-promote and now allows a company to add an address, email, and numbers. The majority of users are on smartphones and are millennials. Instagram is niche specific and won’t work for most brands.


Types of Digital Advertising

Proper Ad Placement Will Reduce Your Advertising Costs

There are many ad formats available to you in the digital advertising world. The ad type and placement will introduce your brand, product, or service to a consumer at different stages of the buying cycle.

Search Ads, Display Ads, Remarketing Ads, Mobile Ads, In-Game Ads, AdMob Ads, Email Ads, Video Ads, and Social Media Ads can attract visitors, however, you must focus on the intent in order to convert.

Google Search example: Ad placement for a research query: “How to Fix a Clogged Kitchen Sink.” A Walmart ad for a plunger, Drano, or a Snake Tool could convert to a sale. Or “How to Fix a Clogged Sink” tutorial webpage that includes a video. The page could include ads for all the products needed (affiliate model) as well as a “Free Guide To A Kitchen Remodel Guaranteed To Increase the Value of Your Home.” This free guide would, of course, require an active email address to receive and would start an email funnel for your interior decorating business or home addition contractor company.

Empowering business through successful online marketing.

We develop online marketing plans that produce results. Sunbay Marketing is a Google Partner with a reputation for developing cost-effective and highly profitable online marketing campaigns. A full-service Marketing Agency since 2001.

The Dilemma With Advertising Agencies

Early in my career, I worked for a major advertising agency. The agency had a portfolio of some of the largest companies in the world. Our projects were brilliant and beautiful and we had the awards to prove it. Early in my tenure, I noticed something wrong. We would deliver an award-winning campaign, and at the end of the contract, the client would move to another agency. If we did such an amazing job, why didn’t they renew?

Fast forward a few years it really hit me. This was a concept that would change my life forever. I realized something, every project we worked on in advertising had one goal. Win awards. Nothing was profit-driven, everything was about self-recognition. As if somehow winning webby awards and such would somehow translate into profit for our clients. This is why Sunbay Marketing was created.

A Clear Path To Profit

Sunbay Marketing is a full-service marketing agency. We take a tremendous amount of pride in the work we do and it’s all for you. Whether your business is a small operation or a big corporation…it doesn’t matter (we have strategies for both). With over 20 years of experience, we can take your ideas and turn them into remarkable strategies that will help you grow.

Our current client list includes many Fortune 500, Inc. 500, Global, National and local businesses. We’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest operations and some of the most successful small businesses across the country. With that said, everyone has to start somewhere. We can help you reach the next level by putting your product or service within reach of your target audience.

Website Domains, Hosting and Email


Google Domains HTML CSS JavaScript Hosting
When it comes to domain registration we recommend Google Domains. Google Domains allows you to register your domain name starting at $12 a year.  The reason why we recommend Google Domains is your domain will be on the same DNS servers that Google uses.

Google Domains has an add-on feature called G-Suite (formally Google Apps) starting at $5 per user per month. This can become expensive if you are just looking for an email provider. Include the features included in the suite, Google Docs, Sheets, etc, and you can save money by not purchasing Microsoft Office. Some of what is included in G-Suite is business email, shareable calendar, chat and video conferencing, and Google+. Additionally,  Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Sites, and Drive. For a full list of features go here.

WP Engine WordPress Hosting
WP Engine provides managed WordPress hosting. WP Engine has the best support we have experienced with a hosting company. Furthermore, the hosting environment is lighting fast with enterprise-level security, PHP 7 Ready, CDN, Automated SSL’s, and is GeoIP enabled. For a full list of hosting features go here. (Full Disclosure: We are affiliate partners with WP Engine)

Nexcess Magento Hosting
Nexcess offers “custom web server that made Magento e-commerce stores 13X faster with perfect security and privacy compliance.” Nexcess offers Magento shared, dedicated, enterprise and OroCRM hosting. The servers are located in United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, and Australia.  For a full list of hosting features go here(Full Disclosure: We are affiliate partners with

Magento Hosting by Nexcess
Magento Hosting by Nexcess
WordPress Hosting by WP engine

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